How do I apply?​

Apply by submitting the program application which you can access at bit.ly/latinaengineers2019

Who is eligible to apply?

The program is anyone who meets the criteria above. We are committed to increasing diversity in the tech industry. Everyone, Dreamers, and non-dreamers are strongly encouraged to apply.

Are international students eligible?

International students are eligible to apply as long as they intend to be enrolled at a college in CA in Fall of 2019.

When will I be notified if I'm accepted?

Applicants who are accepted will be notified in July 2019

What level of computer science experience is required?

As long as you demonstrate an interest and enthusiasm for computer science, no technical background is necessary. We accept and encourage applications from students of all technical levels as long as you meet all other eligibility requirements.​

Is there a program fee?

If selected to participate as a fellow, you are required to pay a $75 non-refundable fee to enroll in the 4-month leadership program. This fee will go towards purchasing the end of the program gear, and to ensure your commitment to attending and participating in all of the workshops. The cost of the program is fairly inexpensive, but if this is a challenge please reach out to our team directly.

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